Student Blogs


In this course, students will be required to maintain an academic blog that focuses on particular monsters and forms of haunting, what we will be calling “Monster Blogs” in our course. These monster blogs are spaces were students can explore the digital humanities and play with different and engaging ways of presenting information, readings, and scholarship to the public. The Monster Blogs are also spaces were students can engage with their classmates in topics that are related to but extend beyond the classroom.

Each student’s blog should have the following elements:

  1.  Home Page: Once a week, students will focus on the course’s weekly readings by posting on their personal reactions to the text, critical analysis or interpretation through close reading, and discussion questions for their classmates to consider and respond to. You can read along with us by downloading our course’s syllabus. I will encourage students to upload and use videos and/or images that they find pertinent and that enhances their analysis of the text. Their weekly blog posts will also encourage students to make connections between their weekly readings and contemporary representations of haunting and monsters in literature, film, and television.
  2. Research: Monster Blogs will also function as a space through which students will research and present working arguments about particular monsters such as the vampire, zombie, ghost, or haunt. Students will create blog pages that explore the history, cultural presence, and representation of their chosen monster, culminating in a class presentation in which they summarize their findings to their classmates in the form of an argument. Using peer reviewed journals, research texts, videos, images, web resources, etc., students will write a 10-minute presentation that accompanies their blog in order to present their research to the rest of the class.

Please follow along with our student work throughout the semester! A list of Monster Blogs are below (in alphabetical order):

Eitan Agagi, American Scholar Story 

Taylor Armstrong, Something Wicked This Way Types

Dru Collier, Creatures of the Midnight 

Chris Comeaux, Posts Mortem

Noor Dabbas, Noor’s Monster Blog

Natasha Dodge, 10 Feet From The Beach

Skye Edwards, Demon Strates

Callie Galfas, Boo’s Clues

Meredith Hoffman, Monsters by Meredith

India-Grace Kellogg, The Monster You Know

Priyanka Koti, Where the Wild Things Are

Ragav Maripudi, Dead, Fright, and Blue

Kevin McDonald, Essays from the Crypt 

Joe O’Brien, Monstrosity

Alyssa Olivieri, FrankenBlog666

Jaylene Perez, Nightmare on 23rd Street

Nicole Renna, Meaningful Monsters

Alex Sachar, The Ghoul Report 

Alaina Schiffman, Zombies, Werewolves, Vampires Oh My!

Ro Spice-Kopischke, Strange and Unusual

Phoebe Van Allen, Vile and Diseased

Nina Waldman, Boo!